Eko Club‘s goal is to supply you with high quality food and drink.

With that in mind, we support small independent farmers, who use traditional, sustainable practices such as the use of small amounts of organic manure rather than the constant use of chemical fertilizers and who employ natural solutions to pests and diseases.

We engage directly with the farmers we use, helping them learn how to plan better, rotate their crops and to use bio dynamic techniques such  as the following lunar phases when planting and harvesting.


We don’t use chemical additives to preserve our produce so it is true you can expect a shorter shelf life but why eat artificially preserved products that have little flavour when you can eat naturally grown food?


What is more, the goods we offer are made by us or specially produced for us.

We sell directly to our customers so we can offer you prices close to the ones you find in the big chain

You won't see the words "premium", "1st class" on our products since all of our products are of a high quality.


If you buy from Eko Club, you will be supporting traditional, sustainable farming and treating yourself and your family to top quality, natural and tasty foods at a price you can afford!